Darker than Black — Awesome Anime

Darker than Black

I’ve always liked animation.  I was a cartoon junkie as a kid — Looney Tunes rock — and I’ve always loved Science Fiction and Fantasy.  It’s amazing it took me so long to appreciate anime. 

Over the last few months I’ve tried out quite a few anime titles and can say without a doubt that my favorite is Darker than Black.  It is definitely a mature anime, not for nudity as with many anime, but for the content.  There is a darkness to the main character that is tempered by odd moments of tenderness.  The conflict in the character makes the show.

So if you’ve thought about checking out an anime title but didn’t want to sort through all the cutesy stuff, give Darker than Black a try.  The first season is up on Netflix.

A word of warning:  the first couple of episodes seemed a bit slow to me, but once the story took off I was hooked.