Remember 45 Records

I’ve always loved music — can’t play it, but love listening to it.  I was trying to think of the first song I ever owned.  Growing up in the 70’s it wasn’t i-pods or even a walkman, I had a portable turntable and 45 records.  It’s funny how much the music industry has changed since then.  I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that the first 45 that I owned was a silly song titled Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road by Loudon Wainwright. (yes, I had to look up the artist on the internet because I’m not sure I ever knew who sang it.)  My older sisters had much cooler songs, but being an annoying little brother I played that 45 until it broke.  Actually, I think they dropped it on purpose so they didn’t have to hear it anymore.

 The only cool song I’m positive I owned was The Bay City Rollers’ Saturday Night.  It was a cool song, at the time, and I played it over and over again.  When you only owned a dozen songs you knew them well.  I guess it sounds a bit sad today with the internet, ipods, etc., but back in the day it was cool.