Coming in January — Stenson Blues: Kingdom of Haven Book 2

Coming in January -- Stenson Blues: Kingdom of Haven Book 2

Olaf the Unlucky

Olaf Stenson wasn’t exactly sure when his luck went bad. Most said it started the day he fell and twisted his leg out of shape, but that was only the final straw on his unhappy slide from favor. With the death of his parents at a young age, his grandfather killed, and his uncle exiled, the cards had been stacked against him from the beginning.

Olaf had accepted his fate until his long-lost uncle turned up with a kingdom. To change his luck, he must travel to the his uncle’s new domain at the farthest reach of the Seven Kingdoms, learn how to survive cut-throat politics – especially those of his own family, and help his uncle regain control of their vast financial empire. To make matters worse, he doesn’t have much time to do it. The Empire of Jewel is stirring in the east, threatening everything he hopes to gain.

Olaf is determined to earn a new nickname, but does he have the strength of will to overcome his own physical limitations and a lifetime habit of capitulation. Upon his success rides not just his own future, but that of his new-found uncle and the fate of the Seven Kingdoms.