What Do You Like to Read?

I’ve been a livelong reader.  I remember going to the bookstore with my mom just about every weekend for years.  We were the only two out of a family of six that were avid readers, and the weekly trip to the bookstore was one of the things we did together.  These are some of my best childhood memories. 

I’ve always been a homebody.  When I was in High School, I spent more time reading in my room—traveling to strange worlds—than I did in this one.   I did start to come out of my shell after high school, but I’ve always loved diving into a good book. 

Over the years my reading preferences have expanded.  Growing up, I read science fiction and fantasy.  In high school I expanded into history texts.  In my thirties I read a lot of religious stuff of all types.  When I was working on my English degree, I read a lot of classic literature.  Lately, I’ve expanded into mysteries and enjoy historical fiction.  I’ll admit, I’m not big on contemporary literature but I will read the occasional story in this genre.

Because I’ve read science fiction and fantasy the longest, I am most comfortable writing in that genre.  For novel-length work, in particular, I prefer fantasy.  I do like to experiment more with shorter work, but I’m not really a short story person.  I prefer to write, and read, something that lasts a bit longer.

If anyone is interested in what I’ve read lately, you can check out my list on Goodreads.  I’ve made an effort to review each of the books I read there.