Xam’d Lost Memories

Xam'd Lost Memories

Did you ever watch a show that made no sense, but still was enjoyable? Seems odd, but that’s how Xam’d Lost Memories worked for me. The animation was awesome, the characters engaging, and storyline action-packed, but I’m still not sure what exactly was going on.

My happy confusion starts with the theme song. It’s catchy and I found myself wanting to sing along, but the words don’t make much sense. We’re falling down, running away, and doing something with lemon drops, but hey, your toes tap involuntarily so why worry. It’s not like I can understand the words of half of the songs I listened to when growing up.

So there’s a war going on between North, South, and Eastern factions. I can’t positively say who was fighting who. Then there are humans that transform into alien creatures, some intentional and some not. I’m also unclear as to whether this was planned or accidental—it seems like some of both. I’m pretty sure humans are on an alien world and this is part of the deal.

Amidst this confusion is a jewel of a character story. I won’t get into specifics, but the interactions between the main characters are very well done, and the characters drive the story. The backdrop is the war and the real story is the characters stuck in the middle. Even the supporting characters have full backstories and have depth.

If you like action-packed, character driven anime, then give Xam’d Lost Memories a try. And if you can figure out the backstory, let me know.