How much do you love your keyboard?

I recently attended ConCarolinas in Charlotte.  On one of the panels they discussed writing habits.  There are writers who prefer to use a typewriter, some who like to write their first draft with pen and paper, and–like me–there are those who prefer to write on the computer.  I can definitely type faster than I write longhand.  It is the process that works best for me.  Unfortunately, I don’t type so well on a laptop. 

I wrote a post a little while back about how travel for my job throws off my writing routine, and I was trying to think of ways to improve this.  I travel quite a bit.  On my latest trip, I brought along a spare keyboard that was sitting in the closet upstairs, and I’m happy to report it was a great success.

Typing on my laptop keyboard is a pain.  The keys are too close together and the buit-in mousepad drives me up the wall.  I have a hard time writing on it and it hampered my writing progress when I was out of town.  It felt more normal to write in the hotel room with the normal keyboard than with just the laptop alone, and I made good progress this last week on my latest WIP.

I drove on my most recent trip, but I’ll be flying on my next business trip.  I think I can fit the keyboard in my suitcase, but I’m wondering if they’ll ask me to pull it out, like a laptop, at the security check?