Top Travel Complaints

I’ve never done much traveling for work, but two years ago I started a new job where I travel a lot. I’m on the road about 50% of the time, and I’ve had a chance to realize the things I dislike about traveling. Here’s my list of top travel complaints:

Rental Cars:

  • People that smoke in rental cars—I don’t care if you smoke, but please don’t do it in the non-smoking rental car I’m driving next.
  • Dirty windows—Many times when you pick up a rental car it’s wet from the washing they did in the back before they brought it out to you, but I wish they’d just clean the inside of the windows instead.


  • Airport traffic attendants—Nothing worse than a wannabe cop that has control over how long you can stop to unload or pickup.
  • Bathroom attendants—Why do we need bathroom attendants in every major airport? Don’t get me wrong, many of them are very friendly, but I prefer a little peace in the restroom.
  • Undesirable seatmate—We all watch to see who’s going to be sitting next to us. I’ve been pretty lucky, but I did have a fat guy one time that spilled over into my seat, and I woman once that smelled, well, I can’t describe it. The wrong seatmate can make a flight seem to last forever.
  • Self-parenting—I don’t mind a crying baby, but I can’t stand when the parents let their kids run rampant. I had a kid sitting behind me once that kicked my seat the entire flight and back-talked his mom the whole trip. Luckily, it was only an hour flight.

Hotel Rooms:

  • Loud neighbors—If you’re going to have the blow-out fight of your marriage, please don’t do it at 3 am in the hotel room next door.
  • People who slam their doors—Most hotel room doors will slam if you let them go. If you’re coming or going during sleeping hours, how about taking an extra second and closing it softly.
  • People who talk in the hallway after hours—Hallways are made for walking, not having a party.

Public Places:

  • Why are men pigs?—More precisely, why do men piss on the toilet seat in public restrooms? I hope they don’t do that at home, but who knows.
  • Smoking at the front door—If you’re going to go outside to smoke, which is required in many areas now, at least take a few steps away from the front door before lighting up. It kinda defeats the purpose if there is a cloud of smoke at the entrance.
  • Kids running wild—I understand if you want to let kids be kids, but they shouldn’t be running through the aisles in the restaurant, grocery store, etc. while your oblivious.
  • Bluetooth anyone?—A hands free phone device can be a great convenience for the user, but it can be annoying to those around you if you insist upon speaking at full volume to the air around you. Maybe we all don’t want to hear your conversation. Also, please put down your cellphone when you’re ordering at the local coffee shop.

Anyone have something that should be on this list?