In The Mood?

I saw In the Mood last night at the Knight Theater in Charlotte.  The event featured big band music from the 1940’s.  There was comedy, dancing, singing, and awesome music.  The group tours throughout the year across the U.S.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  If you like big band era music, it is worth the trip to the theater.

I was a bit surprised that there were not many young people in the crowd.  Yes, it is the music of an older generation, like my grandparents era and I’m fifty, but it was entertaining and I expected a more eclectic crowd.  Ballroom dancing seems to be more popular today, and there was a swing dancing craze a few years ago.  I guess 1940’s music just isn’t a big thing right now.  No surprise, I’m totally oblivious to what’s popular.

I had to laugh when we asked our twenty-something daughter if she wanted to go to the show.  She gave me a look which basically told me just how out of touch I was.  So I asked her what she was going to do instead.  She was going contra dancing.  Contra dancing is basically square dancing like I had to do back in junior high school during recess on rainy days.  Okay, not quite the same, but close enough.  So square dancing is in, but big band music isn’t?  I think I’ll just embrace my old man, uncool, out-of-touch self.  Eventually that’ll be popular too, right?