My Days of No Class are at an End

Now when someone tells me I have no class, I have an answer for them.  I start a copyediting certificate program tomorrow.  First class is a grammar lab, which I’m sure will be helpful.

I’ve been thinking about getting into the editing side of the business for some time.  I’ve daydreamed about sponsoring an anthology, starting a magazine, and/or getting into book editing.  I do love writing, but I also enjoy the mechanics of writing.  My brain likes the technical side of things.

So I figure this class is the first step.  Well, I’ve been critiquing others in writing groups for years, so maybe it is the second step.  Okay, so I’ve been reading for a lifetime so maybe. . .  All those writerly things we do help to prepare us to look at a story with a critical eye.  Doing this program seems like a logical next step to me.

I’ll keep you posted on how this class works out.  Wish me luck.