Travel Overload

The month of September has been a blur.  In the last few weeks, I’ve visited New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state.  Part was vacation and part was work, but it has been a busy time.  I think I wore out a pair of shoes hiking around the various states.  When I say “hiking”, I’m not talking backpacks and roughing it, but walking around the various sites we visited.  I have many pictures and stories and plan to highlight some great locations here over the next couple of weeks.  I know many people like to post as they go, but I prefer to enjoy my trip and post when I get home.  Okay, maybe I’m technically challenged and don’t like to post stuff with my cell phone.

I also just started the second class of my copyediting certificate this past week.  Just starting on the class introductions and initial reading, but I’m looking forward to continuing my journey down the editing path.

Here’s a picture of Multnomah Falls just outside Portland Oregon.  My kind of hiking – it’s just off the interstate.