NaNoWriMo Karma

It never fails: when I choose to do NaNoWriMo my schedule gets squirrelly.  So far this month I’ve had four actual writing days for a total of 2835 words.  So I’m averaging about 700 words a day on those days (which is about my normal daily word count).  I have a rule that I do not go off into my room and write when we have company visiting.  Of course, everyone decides to visit this month.  My parents were visiting for two day and then friends came for a three-day weekend, and my niece is coming this weekend.  Still, I’ll be tracking my word count just the same through the month.

On a good note, my copyediting class in going well.  I’m keeping an A average, and learning a lot.  I’m getting pretty good with the manual copyediting marks and getting better with style sheets.  This week we start on electronic copyediting.  I’m thinking this will be easier because I’m used to editing in Word.

I am taking this copyediting certificate program because I plan to do some freelance editing work.  I’m in the second of four classes right now, and I want to start practicing/working on editing once this class is finished.  I’ll be doing some free editing to begin with to hone my skills and maybe build a customer base.  I’ll probably be looking for projects come January.  I’ll probably post on this later on.