Almost There

I started out NaNoWriMo with high hopes, and was not disappointed.  No, I didn’t make 50,000 words, but I did kick my latest project back into high gear.  To do this, I started tracking my word count at the beginning of November.  Seeing this progress helped me to push forward.  From then until now, I’ve added 27,000 words to my novel (now at about 95,000 words) and am nearing completion of the first draft.  I don’t write every day, but I do most days.  I averaged just under 1000 words/day for the days I wrote.  This is a pretty good pace for me (lately).

I was hoping to kick this novel up a gear because I was stuck in the mid-novel badlands.  I don’t know about every writer, but I tend to get bogged down in the middle.  I know where I’m going, but not quite sure exactly how I’m getting there.  So, in the middle I’m pushing through to that eureka! moment when it all falls into place.

This occurred for me a little over a week ago, and now I am writing like a madman to get there.  I’m looking at about four more chapters to finish up the draft.  I should be done by Christmas without a problem.

I’m still looking for a title for this novel.  It’s the third book in my Kingdom of Havel trilogy.  The first two were The Order of the Wolf and Stenson Blues.  So far, nothing seems to fit.  Maybe someone who reads the draft will have a good one for me.