How Many O’s are in Oxymoron?

I consider myself a change proponent.  I think change is necessary for growth.  Who wants to live the same day over and over again?  Still, this year has been a bit of a roller coaster at work.  My job changed in May when I moved to a new division—same title and basic job duties but different boss, group of coworkers, and work assignments.  To be fair, I asked for the change.  I work with power plants, and a new plant was opening close to where I live.  I asked to be moved to the new division to support that plant.

I really didn’t fully settle into the new spot when my company decided to restructure.  So now here at the end of the year, I have another new boss, new group of coworkers, and, this time, a new title and job duties.  Still the same company though.

Whew, it’s been one of those years.  I can’t say either change was a bad thing for me.  I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of my new position.  Even though I think the changes have been good, it is still stressful.  I am a routine sort of guy. (I know a routine loving change proponent is a bit of an oxymoron, but, to be fair, my wife just leaves off the oxy part when she addresses me on the subject.)

When work is changing so drastically, I find it hard to focus on anything important in my home life.  So, I haven’t posted much here, or read many books this year, or finished the writing projects I had planned to complete.  Change at work is my excuse.  I wanted to whine about it, but I’m anti-whine.  I planned to just get over it and get busy, but I’m a professional procrastinator.  So instead of doing anything truly productive this year, I played games on my PlayStation, and binge-watched Netflix, and ate too much junk food.  Luckily, my pants still (kind of) fit, but my brain feels a bit mushy around the edges.

At this point, I think I’m supposed to make a resolution to get myself back in gear, but it’s the holidays.  Instead, I resolve to lay off the junk food (The fact that we are out of Halloween candy and Christmas cookies has nothing to do with it!) and revisit this whole resolution thing in January like a true procrastinator.  Well, maybe February, because, you know, I’m a non-conformist too.