Spring is Here!

Spring is in the air, and I love it.  We all have our reasons for loving spring:  Some are happy to see the end of winter, some like the flowers, and some like to get outside and go for walks.  This last one is my wife’s favorite.  She drags encourages me to walk with her to keep me young.  Yay walks!

I love spring for the gardening.  I love planting time, but what I don’t love is the bending over.  Since I started having lower back problems a couple of years ago, gardening has gotten harder.  All that shoveling and bending over is not so easy now, and I need to take more breaks than I want to admit.   This year I decided to make it easier (hopefully).


I found this raised bed planter thing online as a kit, and installed it with the help of my able son.  So, he’s an engineer, but can actually handle tools.(I haven’t told him how rare he is yet.)  Next comes filling it up with soil (more shoveling), and planting my plants.  No more bending for me.