But it’s Cozy in Here!

Marketing is for the birds!

At least that is what I want to say.  I should be able to stay in my warm cozy little writing cocoon and not worry about such things.  Well, to stick with the bird analogy, maybe I’ll stay right here in my protective shell instead.


The temptation is strong.  I like to write much more than I like to spend time on Facebook or update my website.  I don’t think it’s just me either.  Writers tend to be a solitary bunch.  If you go to any writing convention, you will see plenty of twittering finches, maybe a strutting cockatoo (or two), and probably at least one pair of lovebirds huddled in the corner.  You’ll also see plenty of eggs.  If they’re at a writing event, they’ve at least started to peck away at their shell and are peeking out to see if it’s safe.


They’re hoping to see something like this:


  But are worried they’ll be met with this instead:


So right now, I’m working on the marketing plan for my series and peeking out at the online marketing world.  Wow, it’s a big scary World Wide Web out there.  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Website creation, SEO, blurbs, blog tours, reviews, book this and book that.  Whew, my head is spinning, or maybe it’s the vultures circling overhead.

I’m tempted to repair that crack in the shell and maybe add a nice wine fridge in the corner.  Unfortunately, every egg has it’s shelf life.  So, it’s either get on with the hatching, or get tossed out with the garbage.

It looks a little chilly out there.  Wonder if I need a coat?

Feel free to share any words of wisdom on book marketing with me, and I’ll be updating my progress as I figure out my strategy.