Rolling Along

Day two of my book blog tour is at Mello & June.  It’s a cool website with nice graphics and lots of energy.  Check out the promo.

Today I’m working on putting my book files together in preparation for the January 30th release of The Eastern Factor.


The process of writing a book is much more complicated than I thought so many years ago when I first started out.  Writing, revision, editing, book covers, book files, marketing. . . the list goes on.

I’ve heard it compared to giving birth.  While I have children, luckily I don’t know the pain of childbirth (besides my wife squeezing my hand hard enough to stop the blood flow).  I thought this wasn’t a great example, but maybe it really is.

Just like I can’t understand the pain of childbirth, a person who hasn’t written a book can’t grasp the work involved.  They see the finished product, and whether it’s a pretty or ugly baby, it’s still a baby.  They say silly things like, “Wow, that came out of you?” Luckily most people have enough tact to refrain from commenting upon how ugly your baby is (Not so much your book though, huh).

Now that I’ve had an epiphany on the baby/book analogy, I think I’ll go tell my wife that I totally understand what she went through in childbirth.  Any bets on what her response will be?  I’m pretty sure I know, but that’s half the fun.

I’m betting on an eye roll.  After living with me for thirty years, she’s become somewhat immune to my foolish ways.