Freddie Silva has been writing Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories since 1993. He has been reading these types of stories since he could reach the bookshelf. He has always had a passion for history, religion, and mythology. He strives to use elements from all these interests in his writing.

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Heart of Odin

Heart of Odin

Heart of Odin Book 1

Odin wasn’t the easiest god to work for.  To join his team, you either had to be hacked to death on a battlefield or become a wizard.  Arthur chose the latter, although the initiation was no less gruesome—  just have your heart ripped out of your chest to be anointed with Odin’s magical blood.  Easy peasy, right?

After the heart-ripping thing, the job was pretty sweet:  the benefits of eternal middle age, the occasional fight with a rival wizard to keep your skills sharp and do your part in the war against Hel’s witches.  Plus, most importantly, it kept Arthur from thinking about his past “attachments”.

Arthur was content with the wizarding life until the witch Frieda showed up and offered him a chance to win great favor with Odin.  All he had to do was lead a quest to the underworld where even the gods feared to tread.

Quests are never what they seem, but Arthur has no choice but to accept.  Even wizards dream of glory and Valhalla.

Kingdom of Haven